T-Mobile’s TVision Home IPTV service is shutting down at the end of December

T-Mobile is shutting down TVision Home, its IPTV cable service that utilized technology from its 2017 acquisition of Layer3. The service will officially shut down on December 30th, 2020 at 3AM ET, according to an FAQ on the T-Mobile website.

TVision Home’s shutdown comes shortly after the November 1st launch of the company’s new live TV streaming service — which, confusingly, also uses the TVision brand. The new TVision works via an app that’s available across many platforms and over a $50 4K Android TV dongle that’s sold by T-Mobile — a far more accessible way to access content than the TVision Home, which required a more traditional set-top box. And while a TVision Home subscription cost $90 per month, the new TVision offers a number of more affordable bundles of channels, including one that’s just $10 per month.

If you’re currently a subscriber to the TVision Home cable service, T-Mobile says your subscription will be cancelled automatically when the service shuts down at the end of December.

If you’ve been a subscriber for a while (November 1st or earlier), T-Mobile will also offer you free access to two TVision tiers through June 30th, 2021: the $60 per month TVision Live Zone bundle, which primarily offers news and sports (including access to NFL RedZone), and the $10 per month TVision Vibe bundle, which has more entertainment-focused channels such as AMC, BET, HDTV, and Discovery. Current TVision Home subscribers can also get a 20 percent discount on certain T-Mobile wireless plans.

You should know that TVision is currently only available to T-Mobile and Sprint subscribers (not including pre-paid customers), and it won’t be available more widely until sometime in 2021.

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