Lenovo’s new ThinkPads feature Ryzen 5000 chips and 16:10 displays

Lenovo has announced a number of updates to its ThinkPad line. We’re getting upgrades to the lightweight ThinkPad X13 and convertible X13 Yoga, as well as the high-end T-Series, the budget-oriented L-Series, and the P-Series of mobile workstations.

The biggest news is that all of these models have gotten spec bumps. Each series includes models with AMD’s Ryzen 5000 mobile processors as well as Intel’s 11th Gen vPro chips. They’re also getting connectivity upgrades, including some options for Wi-Fi 6E on the Intel systems and Wi-Fi 6 for the AMD ones. Some models support 5G as well.

The news I’m personally most excited about is that the X13 i (Intel), X13 (AMD), and X13 Yoga (Intel) are getting 16:10 displays. Manufacturers across the board have been switching to taller screens for business and productivity notebooks. They give you more room for multitasking and less of a need for scrolling and zooming out. There’s also a new Dolby Audio speaker system with user-facing speakers on the X13 — they were bottom-firing on previous models.

The updated T-Series (including the T14s i, T14 i, and T15 with Intel and the T14s and T14 with AMD), L-Series (including the L14 and L15 with AMD and the L14 i and L15 i with Intel), and the P-Series (including the P14s, P14s i, and P15s) all include the new chips as well. The models also have new security options including Match-on-Chip fingerprint readers; some Intel systems including the T14s i and X13 i have human presence-detection sensors.

And here’s the ThinkPad L15, Gen 2.
Image: Lenovo

Pricing and availability are a bit confusing, so bear with me. It looks like most of the Intel models are coming in March, while the AMD models are coming in May. The X13 Yoga is the exception — it’s coming in April. The T-Series starts at $1,159 (for the T14), the L-Series starts at $689 (for both models), and the P-Series starts at $1,3169 (for the P14s). The X13 starts at $1,139 (for the AMD model) and the X13 Yoga starts at $1,379.

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