GoDaddy wins our 2020 award for most evil company email

What’s the cruelest prank you can make on employees who are struggling during a global pandemic when millions of people have lost their jobs or lives? GoDaddy — a web domain registrar once best known for its sexist advertisements — tried to find out when it sent employees a fake email informing them they’d receive a $650 holiday bonus. As The Copper Courier originally reported, GoDaddy sent an email phishing “test” to its employees promising much-needed money; “2020 has been a record year for GoDaddy, thanks to you!”, it said. “Though we cannot celebrate together during our annual Holiday Party, we want to show our appreciation and share a $650 one—time Holiday bonus!”

The employees who clicked the link then reportedly received an email two days later telling them they failed the test. Instead of receiving a holiday bonus, they’d instead be required to take a training course on social engineering.

Phishing tests are normal, but promising employees fake money definitely falls into the “oh no they didn’t” category. It’s probably worth mentioning that promising fake bonuses is literally something Michael Scott, the world’s worst fictional boss from The Office, inflicted on his employees at Dunder Mifflin.

So congratulations, GoDaddy: you win our brand-new award for Most Evil Company Email Of The Year. Let’s hope this is the first and only time we have to award it.

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