Dolly Parton Thinks Her New Album Title Is ‘Corny’

Dolly Parton is one of the most ubiquitous celebrities in the world. She’s also one of the most enigmatic. As fans learned from last year’s Dolly Parton’s America podcast, there are always new things to learn about the beloved country singer. People still Google for facts about her every day. In the latest WIRED Autocomplete Interview, she took on a few of them, providing insight on everything from her songwriting process to her role as Miley Cyrus’ fairy godmother. And, in other Parton news, she thinks the title of her new album, A Holly Dolly Christmas, is a little hokey. “How corny is that Dolly Parton Thinks Her New Album Title Is ‘Corny’, right? Or cute, I thought,” she says. “I’ve always loved the song ‘A Holly Jolly Christmas,’ and I thought, ‘Well, I’m doing a Christmas album, and I thought that was just perfectly appropriate.’”

What else did she reveal? Watch the video above to find out.

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