2020 Game is a surprisingly fun side scroller about an awful year

I get it, there’s absolutely no part of you that wants to relive the terrible year we just lived through. But I implore you to make an exception for 2020 Game, a free web-based side scroller that offers a lighthearted take on last year’s events. It’s well-designed, creative, and — dare I say it — even laugh-out-loud funny in places, and well worth the 10 minutes or so it takes to complete.

2020 Game is the work of Max Garkavyy, who developed it alone over the course of six months. Each level takes the form of a major event or trend from last year, ranging from the early rush on toilet paper to the US presidential race. There’s even a brief TikTok dance interlude.

The whole experience is complimented by some fantastic pixel-art graphics and great musical choices. Check out some more screenshots below, or better yet, give it a go yourself.

Screenshot: 2020 Game

Screenshot: 2020 Game

Screenshot: 2020 Game

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