Uranus and Mars get close in the night sky tonight

Uranus and Mars will be visible close together in the night sky tonight, January 21, 2021. (Image credit: SkySafari app)

Look up tonight (Jan. 21) to see Uranus and Mars nestled together in the night sky — just don’t forget your binoculars.

Yesterday (Jan. 20) on Inauguration Day in the U.S., the two planets were in conjunction, meaning they appeared very close together in the sky. Tonight, the planets will share the same “right ascension,” with Mars passing just 1.75 degrees to the north of Uranus, according to Earthsky.org. (Your fist held at arm’s length covers about 10 degrees of sky.) The moon will also be shining nearby, making it a good landmark to start from when looking for the planets.

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