This Advanced Probiotic Can Help Unlock the Benefits of a Healthy Gut

Everyone knows probiotics play an important role in nurturing a healthy gut. However, the problem is that not all probiotics are created equal. In fact, most of the products that are marketed as containing “gut-boosting probiotics” don’t do much boosting at all. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There is one collective of scientists, doctors, researchers, and entrepreneurs that’s trying to dispel the myths and false advertising surrounding probiotics. That collective is called Seed. And they’ve used the latest research and hard science to create the Daily Synbiotic, which is quite possibly the most advanced and comprehensive probiotic product in the world.

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Over the last few decades, researchers have made huge advancements in our understanding of the human microbiome and the role it plays in our overall health. But what exactly is the microbiome?

For those who haven’t taken a biology class in a while, the human microbiome is the complex community of over 38-trillion microorganisms that live in and on the human body. When we talk about “the gut,” we’re talking about the portion of the microbiome that lives in our digestive tract. And what scientists have discovered is that the gut microbiome is so intertwined with the various systems of our body—the digestive system, immune system, and even the cardiovascular system—that we cannot live without it.

So what can we do to promote a healthy gut?

Well, the good news is that scientists have identified specific strains of bacteria that can positively impact specific systems in the human body when administered in the right quantities. These strains are what we call probiotics. The bad news is that, almost as soon as scientists started talking about probiotics, marketing agencies co-opted the term. As a result, you can find all sorts of products at your local grocery store that claim to have “probiotics” but don’t do anything to promote gut health. Almost none of them disclose the specific strains and quantities of bacteria in their formulations. Very few have proven their “benefit” claims in human clinical trials. And very few have been scientifically proven to survive digestion, which means, if you buy them, you’re quite literally flushing your money down the toilet.

Luckily, Seed is not like most companies.

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The thing that sets Seed apart from the competition is that they deal in real science, not gimmicks.

In collaboration with academic institutions and research partners across the globe, Seed’s team of scientists and researchers have isolated over 20 naturally occurring probiotics strains that have been shown to produce very specific health benefits in over 23 strain-specific, double-blind, placebo-controlled, published clinical studies. Seed then combined these probiotics with prebiotics, which are plant fibers and compounds that feed the good bacteria in your gut. The result of all this research is Seed’s Daily Synbiotic, a revolutionary probiotics formulation that takes a strain-specific approach in order to benefit not just digestive health but heart health, skin health, immune function, reproductive health, gut barrier integrity, and anti-oxidative stress as well.

Of course, even the best ingredients won’t do any good if they don’t survive their trip through the digestive system. That’s why seed developed their groundbreaking ViaCap 2-in-1 capsule technology to protect their probiotics strains until it’s their time to shine.

With ViaCap, an inner capsule containing probiotics is placed inside an outer capsule containing a patented blend of liquid prebiotics sourced from Indian pomegranate and Scandinavian chaga mushroom and pine bark. The outer capsule and its contents act as a barrier, protecting the live microorganisms of the inner capsule from stomach acid and safeguarding their viability through the digestive process.

Seed Probiotic for a heatlhy gut
Image via Seed

Seed’s Daily Synbiotic comes in two different formulations: one designed specifically for males, the other designed specifically for females.

Seed’s Male Daily Synbiotic includes 20 probiotics strains native to the human body that have been clinically studied in peer-reviewed publications and shown to mitigate oxidative stress, preserve gut barrier integrity, and impact digestion, cardiovascular health, and metabolism. The male formulation also has two strains found to improve muscle recovery and affect associated inflammatory markers.

Seed’s Female Daily Synbiotic includes 24 probiotic strains native to the human body. Like the male formulation, these strains have been clinically studied in peer-reviewed publications and shown to mitigate oxidative stress, preserve gut barrier integrity, and impact digestion, cardiovascular health, and metabolism. However, the female formulation also includes probiotic strains specifically tested in female populations and shown to improve skin health and boost the production of folate, which plays a crucial role in fertility and pregnancy.

Seed’s Daily Synbiotic is available only at via monthly subscription. When you subscribe, you receive a welcome kit with a refillable glass jar as well as a glass travel vial. Your monthly refills are sent in fully sustainable packaging, including compostable bio-based pouches, corn-based foam, and a tray made of mycelium (the part of mushrooms and fungi that give them structure).

If you’re looking to improve your overall health and wellness, a healthy gut is a great place to start. And when it comes to gut health, there’s no better product than Seed’s Daily Synbiotic. So don’t waste another day and click here to order now.

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