Pivot, Visualize, And Succeed With This Data Analysis Bundle

In the history of personal computing, the date of October 17th, 1979, has a special significance. That’s the day the first spreadsheet program for consumers, VisiCalc, went on sale and made the personal computer something every business needed. And while a lot has changed in the intervening decades, one thing hasn’t: crunching the numbers, regardless of your business, is a lot easier with a computer.

That makes the 2021 Advanced Data Analyst Bundle a must-buy for just $30, or 93% off the price. Here’s what you get and how it can boost your career.

Advanced Excel

You’ve probably done a little coding in Excel, punching in a simple sum function or even a few more complex equations. This course will push your skills beyond that, with 57 lectures across eight hours that dig deep into the many financial tools Excel offers, including consolidation, analysis, and reporting. If you’re looking to launch a business, or need a deeper understanding of the numbers you’re working with, this is the place to start.

Advanced PivotTables

Pivot tables are practically workplace in-jokes at this point, but they serve a valuable function. A well-designed pivot table will pull out specific patterns in large sets of data that are more noticeable or relevant, allowing users to sort through what can feel like a waterfall of data. In this course, you’ll learn how to structure pivot tables in Excel, how to use Excel’s toolkit to quickly pull patterns out and look at them, and what each individual tool does at an advanced level. It’s ideal if you’re looking to build on advanced Excel skills or need to get down to the nitty-gritty of large data sets.

Power Pivot, Power Query & DAX In Excel

There’s more to Excel’s data analysis than just pivot tables, though. This course focuses on three key tools you’ll need to get the most from Excel:

  • Power Pivot: Power Pivot scales up pivot table tools to handle much larger amounts of data, so you can import, edit, calculate, and visualize everything from Facebook likes to last week’s revenue stream.
  • Power Query: Power Query helps you find, collate, and clean data while sharing and managing queries into your databases.
  • DAX: DAX, short for Data Analysis Expressions, is a formula language used in Power Pivot to add even more functionality. Think of it as Excel formulas at a higher level, able to return entire tables instead of values, adding more ways to edit formulas on the fly, and more.

Power BI

“BI” stands for “Business Intelligence,” and Power BI is a great tool both for those who need the power of Excel’s visualization features, but need them more efficiently packaged, or for those who need to create visualizations and tools quickly for an audience that may not be as handy with cells and formulas. You’ll learn how Power BI handles Excel, how it creates data models, and how to use it effectively.

Introduction to Python

Finally, if you know you’ll be getting even deeper into data analysis and need to either code custom tools or make use of industrial-grade data crunching, this course will look at Python through the lens of data analysis, and how one of the most popular and flexible programming languages can help you wrangle data and pull the information you need from it, regardless of your prior experience with coding.

As more data floods into every corner of life, we’ll all need to become data analysts as we come to grips with what will become part of our daily work tasks. Get an edge on your career now, with the 2021 Advanced Data Analyst Bundle, and save 93%.

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