Photo tour of Jezero Crater: Here’s where Perseverance will land on Mars

NASA is scheduled to land its Perseverance rover and Ingenuity helicopter on Mars today (Feb. 18) and the agency chose the perfect spot for a touchdown: Jezero Crater. 

Jezero Crater is located in the so-called Isidis Planitia region, just north of the equator in the eastern hemisphere of Mars. This flat plain is located inside a giant 750-mile-wide (1,200 kilometers) basin that was carved out 3 billion to 4 billion years ago when a comet or big asteroid slammed into the Red Planet. A smaller meteorite, some time later, created Jezero within this larger impact basin. Evidence suggests a river once flowed into Jezero, where it formed a delta that has long since dried up, according to NASA. Here’s a look at Perseverance’s landing spot.

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