How to watch the rare ‘triple conjunction’ of Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn this Sunday

Just weeks after Jupiter and Saturn dazzled stargazers by canoodling side-by-side in the night sky, another “great conjunction” of planets is on the way — and this time, Mercury is invited to the party, too.

On Sunday (Jan. 10), the three planets will appear close together in a rare triple conjunction event. According to Live Science’s sister site, the three bodies will form a “small, neat triangle” low in the west-southwest sky, appearing about 30 to 45 minutes after sunset that evening. Jupiter will appear at the top of the triangle, glowing about two-and-a-half times brighter than Mercury, and 10 times brighter than Saturn.

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A simulation by Starry Knight showing what the triple conjunction will look like, and where to find it. (Image credit: Starry Knight)

Because the trio will appear so close to the horizon and so close to sunset,’s skywatching columnist Joe Rao strongly recommends that stargazers use a pair of binoculars to clearly see the planets against the twilight sky.

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