Taylor Swift’s New ‘Love Story’: Radio, Sales & Streams So Far

Airplay Update: As for radio airplay in its first six days, “Love Story (Taylor’s Version)” drew over 350 plays on stations that report to Billboard‘s all-genre, audience-based Radio Songs chart, a sum that translates to nearly 1.7 million audience impressions. Leading among those plays, over 240 were on reporters to the Pop Airplay chart, led by 45 on SiriusXM’s Hits 1 channel. Adult Pop Airplay reporters followed, having given the song over 80 spins in that span.

How does that play compare to the 2008 version? The original drew slightly more plays on Radio Songs reporters in that six-day period: nearly 400. Adult Contemporary chart panelists led with over 180 plays, followed by reporters to Country Airplay (70) and Adult Pop Airplay (50).

Generally speaking, daily plays of the original have been steady the whole month. The song garnered between 46 and 81 daily plays on Feb. 1-11, compared to between 44 and 92 plays on Feb. 12-17.

Here’s a look at the daily U.S. airplay (on Radio Songs chart reporters) for the two versions, side-by-side, according to MRC Data:

Date – Re-Record – Original

Feb. 12 – 144 plays, 777,000 audience – 67 plays, 227,000 audience
Feb. 13 – 59 plays, 246,000 audience – 92 plays, 344,000 audience
Feb. 14 – 47 plays, 177,000 audience – 66 plays, 160,000 audience
Feb. 15 – 43 plays, 190,000 audience – 62 plays, 372,000 audience
Feb. 16 – 28 plays, 153,000 audience – 66 plays, 297,000 audience
Feb. 17 – 38 plays, 135,000 audience – 44 plays, 219,000 audience
Totals, Feb. 12-17: 359 plays, 1,678,000 audience – 397 plays, 1,619,000 audience

As the above daily breakdown reflects, the new version of “Love Story” boasts the biggest one-day total between the two, unsurprisingly in its first day of release. Meanwhile, the 2008 original has maintained fairly steady daily plays, having long been an established hit that’s now in regular rotation among the biggest songs from its era.

Notably, the new version of the song is not being actively promoted to radio. Instead, three tracks continue to be promoted to various formats from Swift’s latest LP, Evermore. The set’s “Willow” rose 9-8 on the most recently published Adult Contemporary and Adult Pop Airplay charts (dated Feb. 20) and 20-17 on Pop Airplay. Meanwhile, the album’s “Coney Island,” featuring The National, climbed 26-21 on Adult Alternative Airplay; a week earlier, “No Body, No Crime,” featuring Haim, kept at its No. 60 best on Country Airplay.

The original “Love Story” hit No. 2 on Radio Songs (and No. 4 on the all-genre, multi-metric Billboard Hot 100). It topped Country Airplay and Pop Airplay and remains the only song to have led both lists. It also crowned AC and rose to No. 3 on Adult Pop Airplay.

Sales Update: “Love Story (Taylor’s Version)” sold 24,300 downloads in the U.S. through Feb. 17, according to initial reports to MRC Data. Of that sum, 18,900 came on its first day of release, Friday, Feb. 12. It was earlier reported (on Saturday, Feb. 13) that the song had sold 10,000 on Feb. 12, based on initial reports. Since that story was published, further sales were reported for Friday, lifting the tune’s total for that day to 18,900.

As for the original “Love Story,” it has sold 700 downloads between Feb. 12-17.

Here’s a look at the daily U.S. sales for the two songs, side-by-side, according to initial reports to MRC Data:

Date – Re-Record – Original 

Feb. 12 – 18,900 – 200
Feb. 13 – 2,100 – 100
Feb. 14 – 1,600 – 100
Feb. 15 – 800 – less than 100
Feb. 16 – 500 – less than 100
Feb. 17 – 300 – less than 100

Streaming Update: Between Feb. 12 and Feb. 16, “Love Story (Taylor’s Version)” collected 10.21 million on-demand audio streams in the U.S., according to initial reports to MRC Data. 4.70 million of that figure came on the track’s release day, Feb. 12.

The original “Love Story” captured 667,000 on-demand audio streams on Feb. 12 – more than two times the number of streams the song garnered daily between Feb. 5-10. On Feb. 11, in the wake of Swift’s news announcing the re-recording, the original song’s streams grew to 504,000 (up from 290,000 on Feb. 10).

Here’s a look at the daily U.S. on-demand audio streams for the two songs, side-by-side, according to initial reports to MRC Data:

Date – Re-Record – Original
Feb. 12 – 4,701,000 – 667,000
Feb. 13 – 2,144,000 – 493,000
Feb. 14 – 1,388,000 – 518,000
Feb. 15 – 1,076,000 – 355,000
Feb. 16 – 898,000 – 327,000

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