Snoop Dogg Crashed Chika’s Live Stream and Now She’s Going to Write a Country Song for Him

Rising rap star Chika added an unexpected, but unbelievably welcome, guest on to a recent Insagram Live: Snoop Dogg. And she’s still reeling in the afterglow of the pure moment that was their virtual meeting.

“What the f—, Snoop in here?” she said once she noticed he was viewing her stream. “What’s up? What you doing? Now I feel like I have to do something entertaining. I’ve just been sitting here talking shit, being dumb. But I can smoke in your honor. You want me to roll up? I can do that and play some music.”

She asked Snoop why he didn’t just join her live and added him, and the quarantine-era conversation was soon flowing.

“When I’m coming, you got to know. Your people’s telling you. They were like, ‘Snoop, Uncle Snoop was in here!'” Snoop said to her.

“I’m here to give you your flowers,” he announced. “I’m here to tell you I f— with your music. I love your shit. I play it. I enjoy it. I wanted to tell you that. I didn’t want to like let you hear about it. I want you hear it from me, from the Dogg’s mouth.”

“That touches my heart … as an avid weed smoker and also as someone who enjoys your music, I think that hearing it like this means so f—ing much. I’m letting you know that. And I’m gonna give you your flowers because of what you’ve done for the culture. N—– like me probably wouldn’t exist if you didn’t. So, I take that, I receive it, I internalize it, but also — you already know you’re a f—ing legend, an actual goddamn pillar in our community,” Chika, who looked overwhelmed, replied.

Their conversation mostly circled around music, and culminated in an agreement to collaborate after Snoop requested that she write a song for him.

“About what? It depends. I mean, the answer’s yes, duh. But also, about what?” Chika asked.

“As a writer, me myself, when I’m given a task of writing for someone, I like to study what they’ve written and what they’ve done and what they haven’t done. I try to give them a piece of themselves that they’ve never tapped into ’cause they can’t really see themselves as good as I can see them,” Snoop said.

So what can fans expect to come of this unplanned partnership?

“I’m writing you a country song. It’s gonna be a Black country song,” Chika promised.

“Make it work,” Snoop said. “You gonna make it do what you do.”

“Southern rap,” the Alabama-born Chika said, “that shit different. It’s a different vibe. It’s a completely different vibe. I’m down for the challenge … This is gonna be some hip-hop country shit.”

“We gonna mesh. We gonna make this shit work,” he agreed.

Snoop also said Chika reminded him of his daughter — “your tone, your temperament, your conversation, the way you carry yourself” — and, for fun, told the story of the first time he smoked, in the ’70s: “I was a little ass kid,” he admitted.

“How old were you when you first smoked?” Chika wondered.

“Like 7 or 8,” Snoop said.

Watch the full live, and see Chika’s reaction tweets, below.

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