‘Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical’ Serves Crowdsourced Culinary Content to Aid the Actors Fund

A recurring theme throughout the musical, which is told through the point of view of Remy, was his and Linguini’s admiration for renowned and talented chef Auguste Gusteau, and their hopes that his motto “anyone can cook” was true. From Burgess and Feldman singing of their desires to be successful chefs as Remy and Linguini to Adam Lambert’s poppy tune about a rat’s way of life as Emile, the virtual musical showcased an eclectic range of performances that were fairly on par with what one would expect for a musical version of the 2007 animated film.

The pivotal moment for the film — Ego’s critique of Remy’s ratatouille creation and him subsequently learning a rat was behind the dish — offered a touching monologue from Owen Tabaka.

“The bitter truth we critics must face is that the average piece of junk is probably more meaningful than our criticism designating it so. The world can often be unkind to new talent, new creations. The new needs friends. Last night I experienced something new and extraordinary meal from a singularly unexpected source. I now know not anyone can but cook but a great cook can come from anywhere,” Tabaka said, paraphrasing the critic’s speech originally performed by Peter O’Toole in the film.

The one-time performance was cast with Broadway stars including Tony Award winner De Shields (Ego), Tony winner Priscilla Lopez (Mabel), Tony nominee Park (Colette), Tabaka (Young Ego), and three-time Tony nominee Testa (Skinner) and the 20-piece Broadway Sinfonietta orchestra.

Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical also starred Wayne Brady (Django), Burgess (Remy), Kevin Chamberlin (Gusteau), Feldman (Linguini), Grammy Award nominee Lambert (Emile), with Cori Jaskier, Talia Suskauer, Nikisha Williams, JJ Niemann, John Michael Lyles, Raymond J. Lee, and Joy Woods as the ensemble.

The musical was adapted for this virtual benefit event by Michael Breslin and Patrick Foley, choreographed by Ellenore Scott, directed by Lucy Moss, and features music from Danny Bernstein (@dannykbernstein), Gabbi Bolt (@fettuccinefettuqueen), Chamberlin (@chamberlin_kevin), RJ Christian (@rjthecomposer), Nathan Fosbinder (@fozzyforman108), Emily Jacobsen (@e_jaccs), Sophia James (@sophiajamesmusic), Katie Johantgen (@katiejoyofosho), Daniel Mertzlufft (@danieljmertzlufft), Alec Powell (@phisherpryce), and Blake Rouse (@blakeyrouse).

Jeremy O. Harris, Michael Breslin, and Patrick Foley served as executive producers.

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