Katy Perry Talks Motherhood, Super Bowl, Taylor Swift on ‘Kimmel’

Perry said despite the pandemic, Bloom was in the delivery room, boombox in hand, providing all the support she needed while handling the video coverage of the event and staying totally present. “‘Daisy’ to me means pure, like, purity and ‘dove’ means peace, and ‘bloom’ kind of feels like it means joy,” she said of their daughter’s name, which Kimmel joked reminded him more of a cartoon duck and a bar of soap.

When Kimmel put up a photo of the hand-embroidered baby blanket Perry and Bloom received from Taylor Swift, Katy said it was “it was amazing, it was very, very thoughtful… she’s very sweet.” She also joked about how the normal album release cycle was upended by baby Daisy, when her fifth album, Smile, dropped the day after she gave birth while she was still in the hospital. “I could not wipe my own butt! And I was like, ‘this is the most unusual album release day for me, and I love it!,'” Perry laughed.

Because she performed during the Super Bowl halftime show six years ago, Perry said she watched Sunday’s game while rocking Daisy, praising The Weeknd for his innovative use of space during his performance. “I liked how Abel commanded the field and all of the dancers were moshing and throwing elbows, it was very, like, punk rock,” she said, adding that she remembers spending “thousands” of her own money for her performance, but nowhere near the $7 million the “Blinding Lights” singer claimed he pulled out of his own pocket for the extravaganza.

“You get a budget and sometimes your dreams are bigger than the budget,” Perry said, joking that viral sensation Left Shark was clearly a result of her own budget cuts. She also revealed that when she was rehearsing for her SB performance, she rode a fire pole to get down off the golden lion prop and her latex beach balloon outfit split in half due to the friction. “I was a few days out from playing the day and I was like, ‘oh, this is why we do rehearsals with costumes!,” she said. “It was like rubber on metal, let’s go!”

Promoting the upcoming Feb. 14 return of American Idol, Perry noted that her fellow judges also gave Daisy some nice gifts, with Lionel Richie coming through with a “nice robe and bottle of champagne for mom and dad” and Luke Bryan offering up a pink tractor and Daisy BB gun. “Us judges we stay true to who we are,” she said with a smile.

Watch Perry on Kimmel below.

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