Kanye West Shouts Out ‘Queen’ Lauryn Hill’s Speech on ‘The Matrix’

Kanye West has long thought of The Matrix as “the Bible of the post-information age,” as he told The Oxford Guild in 2015. On Monday (Sept. 28), the rapper took to Twitter to share more information on the power of the 1999 film.

He tweeted a throwback speech from Lauryn Hill, in which she describes how Agents appear in life. “I’m trying to see the world of God and the whole world,” Hill says in the clip. “Every time that Agent throws a punch, I’m like, ‘I see you. Oh, okay!’ I’m just catching his punches. You know, so I’m not afraid. I’m not afraid because I’m starting to see that. Situations materialize themselves and, ‘Oh, he’s an Agent.’ But here’s the trick, is that you have to remember that sometimes you can be an Agent. You can be an Agent to yourself. You can be an Agent against someone else and not even realize that you’re being used. That’s The Matrix.

“Our queen speaking on the Matrix,” Ye captioned the post.

In The Matrix, Agents are a group of sentient, artificially intelligent computer programs disguised as human government agents. They are guardians in the Matrix’s computer-generated world and protect it from Redpills that could reveal it as a false reality.

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