Hear Barbra Streisand & Donna Summer’s ‘Enough Is Enough’ in New LGBTQ Voting Ad

With November fast approaching, organizers around the country are rallying people to make their voices heard at the voting booth — and one of them is using Barbra Streisand and Donna Summer to make that message crystal clear.

On Monday (August 10), MeidasTouch, a progressive Democratic political action group, teamed up with the LGBTQ voting initiative Vote Proud for their latest video, titled “Enough Is Enough.”

The video focuses on rallying queer people to vote by pointing to statistics showing low numbers of LGBTQ voting in 2016, and headlines pointing to the Trump administration’s poor track record with LGBTQ issues.

To send the point home even further, the backing track for the video is the 1979 No. 1 single “No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)” by Barbra Streisand and Donna Summer. The tactic proves to be effective, especially when a video of Trump appears on screen, immediately followed by the pair singing “I can’t go on no more, no/ Enough is enough.”

In a statement, Vote Proud founder and co-writer of the song Bruce Roberts said that the song fit the video perfectly since “all these years later it has become an anthem for change and equality in America today.” He added his hopes that the video would help mobilize the LGBTQ community for November. “There’s too much at stake for us not to reach and engage with the large part of the community that did not vote in 2016.”

Check out the new video below:

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