Halsey Talks Concert Mishap & ‘First Love’ on ‘Corden’: Watch

A fan-captured video from that night shows Halsey’s impromptu monologue that she launched into mid-performance of her Badlands song “Castle” during her sold-out Badlands Tour stop on Aug. 13, 2016.

“When that happened to me, I just started my whole show over from the top,” Halsey said in her latest interview, “so that I could do the whole thing with no mistakes.”

Even though touring is her “favorite part” of her career,” acting will always be Halsey’s “first love.” The Manic singer is set to make her acting debut on the TV series The Players Table alongside Euphoria‘s Sydney Sweeney, who was featured in her “Graveyard” music video from October 2019.

“Acting was the first thing that I ever did,” she told Corden while recalling the community theater plays she participated in. The “Without Me” hitmaker named Rent as her favorite and High School Musical as her least favorite because of a very un-Troy Bolton reason. “I didn’t know how to dribble a basketball. Like I’m a theater kid, not an athlete,” she explained.

Watch Halsey’s interview on Corden below.

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