Gwen Stefani Roasts Blake Shelton in T-Mobile Super Bowl Ad

Unfortunately (or fortunately for Shelton and Stefani, who have been together since 2015 and got engaged in October of last year), Levine uses a spotty cellular network in the commercial, so what Adam hears Stefani say is very different. “I’m sick of L.A. guys, I want someone completely … country,” Levine hears her say, as his service cuts in and out. “Uncultured … and threatened by a strong confident woman.” Shelton quickly walks into frame, singing about his love of wings and nachos; “I have your guy,” Levine says.

Once the two finally meet up for a dinner date they’re naturally confused — “I mean, no,” Stefani says of Shelton’s appearance, before pointing out that he wore spurs to a nice restaurant. “Did you ride a horse here?” “Yeah,” he responds, incredulously.

T-Mobile offers the moral of the story — “don’t trust your love life to any network.” Check out the hilarious new Super Bowl LV spot below:

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