Dave Grohl Overcomes His ‘Crippling’ Coffee Addiction in Hilarious ‘FreshoPotix’ Spoof Ad

Desperate, Grohl would “do anything for a fix,” from snorting lines of Arabica, to dumping straight Robusta on his sandwiches.

“My roast grew darker and darker until I finally hit pot bottom. I couldn’t be there for the ones I love when they needed me the most,” Grohl says in the mock mordant voiceover. And then he found FreshPotix.

Before you get too excited, though, like any (fake) drug ad, a cheery woman’s voice (which sounds kind of like Miley Cyrus) takes over to list the disturbing potential side-effects of this wonder drug, which include: severe monkey peen, violent fits of rage towards left-handed people, extra toe, Cyrusvirus, bald ass, stomach tail, urge to found your own colony, Oxford commas, uncontrollable tattling and nose chickens.

Watch the FreshPotix ad below.

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