A Day in the Life With P1Harmony, K-Pop’s Most Optimistic Rookies: ‘We Want to Be Artists’

They’re all still in their customized stage outfits, now sipping smoothies and reviewing their recorded live performance on their managers’ mobile devices before driving off to another scheduled appearance.

“I usually drink coffee, Americano with extra espresso shots, but I can use some sugar today,” Jiung, 19, says in his deep voice. His pleasant smile is seen through sips of an Oreo smoothie, the popular choice among the members (minus Keeho, who opted for chocolate, and Theo, who chose a strawberry flavor). “We definitely poured a lot of energy at Inkigayo.”

As seen on Inkigayo, the group’s collective ability to deliver pitch-perfect vocals through the intricate and hardcore choreography for “Siren” has been one of the key factors that led to early mainstream recognition.

With big puppy dog eyes and a lisp that occasionally slips in, Intak, 18 — who is largely considered to be the main dancer of the group by fans, despite P1H saying they would rather not define each members’ roles — further explains their efforts. “We are a little bit exhausted from putting in so much energy to our last performance,” he says. “I think we all wanted to make a lasting impression and give our fans everything.”

Pointing to his shoes, the group’s 19-year-old leader Keeho jokingly adds, “I think I danced too hard, my toe hurts!”

Keeho is Canadian-Korean, and is the most easygoing — as well as the wittiest — member of the group. His humor is unguarded, but his intentions are kind. His welcoming personality is often what seems to break the ice during interviews.

Youngest member Jongseob, 14, whose palpable maturity is both endearing and somewhat eerie, quietly adds that he, too, felt his moves were “much bigger and stronger” than usual. We later learn that behind his politeness, there is a super-talkative, introverted child prodigy with big ideas and a big smile.

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