Nutrition faces a racial reckoning

The nutrition science field faces a racial reckoning, while Latin America faces a malnutrition crisis. And when will publishing pay Black authors? Meanwhile, education philanthropists get serious about racial justice and an Indigenous coast guard is poised to save Canada’s shores.

But first, here’s your socially distanced Hanukkah/Chanukah week in review, in Haiku.

The light is still here.
Enjoying Mama’s latkes,
while missing Mama.

The light is still here.
Candle by candle, one by
one, from a distance

The light is still here.
As are the stories of all
the wonderous deeds.

The light is still here.
The sweets are still sweet, the songs
can still delight us

though we are apart.
A plague cannot extinguish
the light: It’s in us.

Wishing you a hopeful and illuminating weekend, and a sweet holiday to all who celebrate.

Ellen McGirt

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