Did memestonks destroy Robinhood’s IPO chances?

The upstart broker that made trading easy got blasted at a Congressional hearing. Read More

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NASA names Perseverance rover’s Mars touchdown site ‘Octavia E. Butler Landing’

The Perseverance rover's Red Planet touchdown site has been renamed for Octavia E. Butler, the noted African American science fiction author.NASA announced they...

The ‘Lamborghini’ of Chariots Was Just Unearthed Near Pompeii

Archaeologists in Italy have unearthed an elaborately decorated, intact four-wheeled ceremonial chariot near the ruins of the Roman city of Pompeii, famously...

Easy come, easy go

Dan Gilbert made $32 billion on a sudden burst of interest in Rocket Companies, then immediately lost most of it. Read More

Lizzo on What It’s Like Living ‘Obese’

Looking at the camera and pretending to hold back tears (while also trying to hold back laughter), Lizzo continued, "I put on my...

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