Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza on the importance of doing the work

America mourns 9/11 amid the coronavirus pandemic, white faces dominate the country’s most powerful positions, and remote work disadvantages the marginalized.

But first, here’s your 9/11 memorial-themed week in review in Haiku

Where were you when the
Towers fell? When the sky was
the kind of blue that

made you believe that
all is well and good if just
for a brief moment?

What did you think when
the smoke began to billow,
the Pentagon shook,

and the news anchors
blinked back tears? I remember
all the WHERE ARE YOU????

voice mails, the wringing 
hands, the need to say “I love 
you” just one last time.

On this sober anniversary, and at this strange and terrible time, please know: We are grateful for all you are and do.

Ellen McGirt

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