Impala Escapes Crocodile’s Jaws But A Cruel Fate Awaits It

An impala fought courageously to escape the mouth of a crocodile ― only to then be attacked by a leopard lying in wait. (Watch the video below.)

Video of the animal’s ill-fated fight for survival at Kruger National Park in South Africa appeared last week on the Kruger Sightings YouTube channel. The impala at times seemed done for as the croc chomped into its lower legs from below the surface of a pond formed by recent heavy rains.

But after several attempts to break free, the impala finally succeeded.

A leopard alerted to the struggle had appeared on the scene and pounced on the exhausted impala.

“When the impala eventually escaped the croc, we were relieved but seconds later totally surprised by the leopard’s stealth ambush,” Angela and Craig Weeks, who shot the video, told “It was an unforgettable sighting.”

The footage picked up with the leopard eating its prey on a fallen tree behind some bush.

Crocodile attacks can kill within seconds, so the African antelope’s escape was commendable.

Too bad for the impala that the hunted quickly became the hunted again.

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