Were These Celebrities Ever On It?

Who was really behind the mask?

  1. Bella was actually on Season 3 of The Masked Singer. She was the Swan.

    Via Fox

  2. Jamie Foxx hasn’t appeared on The Masked Singer…yet, but the judges have guessed him a bunch of times.

  3. Lil Wayne was unmasked during Season 3. He was the Robot!

    Via Fox

  4. T-Pain actually won the first season of The Masked Singer. He was the Monster.

    Via Fox

  5. Ashley has yet to appear on The Masked Singer. However, she will be a judge on Fox’s spinoff series The Masked Dancer.

  6. Sarah never actually appeared on The Masked Singer, but a lot of people were 100% convinced she was the Kitty from Season 3.

  7. Wendy Williams was the Lips from Season 4!

    Via Michael Becker/FOX

  8. Sadly, Charlie Puth has never actually appeared on The Masked Singer.

  9. JoJo was definitely on The Masked Singer. During Season 3, she was the T. Rex.

    Via Fox

  10. Jason Derulo has yet to appear on The Masked Singer.

  11. Hunter Hayes was the Astronaut from Season 3!

    Via Fox

  12. Jane has never appeared on The Masked Singer!

  13. Meghan has yet to appear on The Masked Singer.

  14. Jordyn was, in fact, on The Masked Singer. She was the Kangaroo from Season 3.

  15. Pro skateboarder Tony Hawk was on The Masked Singer, he was the Elephant from Season 3!

    Via Fox

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