Watch Maluma and The Weeknd’s “Hawái” Remix Music Video

Maluma and The Weeknd’s new collaboration is here to provide a momentary distraction during an otherwise tumultuous week. The artists teamed up for the first time ever to record a remix and joint music video for Maluma’s summer hit “Hawái,” which he recently performed at the Billboard Latin Music Awards. The romantic pop song delves into a man’s grief after seeing his ex-lover happy with someone else.

The Weeknd kicks off the video by crooning, “So now he’s your heaven? You’re lying to yourself and him to make me jealous / You put on such an act when you’re sleeping together / All this cause I said I don’t want marriage.” He then sings the chorus in Spanish before Maluma pops in and takes over. Seeing the two handsome stars show off their dance moves and vocals together just might inspire you to pause the news, get up, and take a dance break, even if only for the duration of the video. Watch it in full above.

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