Paul Rudd’s Face Mask PSA Is A Delight

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“Masks? They’re totally beast!”

Me: I hate it when stuff is, like, too obviously geared towards a certain generation. I’m not that predictable, you know. I’m a mystery, an enigma!

Also me: *Sees Paul Rudd in a face mask PSA for millennials and immediately loves it.*

Rodin Eckenroth / Getty Images

Paul teamed up with First We Feast for the new video, and it’s honestly a delight:

& now an important announcement from #HotOnes’ friend Paul Rudd! WEAR A MASK & watch until the end for a special cameo. WHO WOULD’VE THOUGHT?

There’s a reference to Paul being 26, because who even knows at this point:

There’s lots of hip slang for us fellow youths, like “cap,” “fam,” and “beast.”

And, there’s even a reference to Paul’s previous foray with First We Feast — his highly memed Hot Ones episode.

But really, at the heart of it, is the important message that wearing a face mask can help keep people safe.

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