Lizzo Celebrates 6 Months Vegan And Shares Plant-Based Recipes On TikTok

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I’ve appreciated Lizzo’s hilarious TikTok content for quite some time now, but my latest favorite thing has been her vegan cooking videos.

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In the video, she gives a message about self-love as she shares her thoughts on being vegetarian for seven years, then going back to eating all animal products — to now being vegan for the past six months.

Along the journey, Lizzo has been bringing lots of joy to fans on TikTok with her plant-based recipes that often include hilarious commentary and helpful cooking hacks.

There’s also this enchilada recipe with green chiles and jackfruit — which looks amazing and features some great singing:



♬ You Got It – Vedo

I just love the fact that Lizzo’s having a great time in the kitchen and sharing some delicious ideas for vegans and nonvegans alike!


JAM— just in time for fall!

♬ Jam – Michael Jackson

So excuse me while I catch up on Lizzo’s other TikTok cooking videos (and maybe take a trip to the grocery store while I’m at it)…

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