Kim Kardashian’s Halloween Decorations Are Terrifying

Kim Kardashian is back posting some non-birthday related content — this time, it’s her Halloween decorations.

Now, some may say that Kim doesn’t really need any Halloween decorations — given that her home is already rather terrifying.

But, that hasn’t stopped her in previous years — look at those green pumpkins! Look!

Well, Kim took to her Instagram Reels (are they a thing now?) to show us the GIANT SPIDER HOUSE SHE CREATED THIS YEAR.

“Since Halloween was cancelled and there’s no trick-or-treating or parties, I wanted my house to be really festive for the kids,” she said, explaining the monstrosity.

However, I would argue that the true horror lay inside the home. Aww, look at North jumping around in the blood room!

Then there’s the halls, which I’d imagine are a bit like being born.

Which take us to the dining room, which is the perfect place for a nice relaxing meal.

Followed by the kitchen, which…wait yeah, it’s actually pretty normal.

And a slide which looks onto a nice soothing screen filled with spiders.

What do you think of Kim’s Halloween decorations? Creepy or festive? Tell us in the comments!

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