K-Pop News Of The Week: Kim Wooseok, AleXa, Iz*One

On Feb. 8, K-Pop community platform UNIVERSE unveiled their new in-app radio station called Universe Radio. To celebrate, the 11 artists on the app — AB6IX, ASTRO, ATEEZ, CIX, Park Jihoon, (G)I-DLE, Kang Daniel, Iz*One, Monsta X, The Boyz, and WJSN — have each created their own radio show that fans can tune into now!

The shows were first teased online via YouTube video (see above!) and with so many unique concepts there’s truly something for everyone:

* AB6IX resolve debates with their fans on “Care To Join?”

* ASTRO host a chat show titled “Hot Topics.”

* ATEEZ get spooky with their mystery game show “THE CLUES.”

* CIX share a behind-the-scenes look at their daily activities on “Seeds of Temptation.”

* (G)I-DLE’s program “Not That Close” explores friendship dynamics.

* Park Jihoon will become your new best friend on “Next Door Jihoon.”

* Kang Daniel shares film recommendations on “Kang Daniel Film Festival.”

* Iz*One read classic short stories on “Oneiric Diary Iz*Oneboxing.”

* Monsta X host a game show called “Smart Ones.”

* The Boyz host a space-themed program named “Star The Bs D.D.D.”

* And WJSN are ~out of this world~ in “Universe War: WJSN Family.”

You can tune into all of the shows now on the UNIVERSE app! 🎶 The first episode of each of the programs is free, but the subsequent episodes require a subscription.

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