Hilary Duff Got An Eye Infection From COVID-19 Tests

“Cuz you know, 2020 and all.”

Hilary Duff recently took to her Instagram Story to unleash a ton of photos documenting how her family rang in the holidays this year.

A little less than halfway through the massive slideshow, though, Duff noted a point in which her eye “started to look weird…..and hurt….a lot”.

In a subsequent image, Duff explained that a quick emergency room trip revealed the cause: An eye infection “from all the COVID tests at work…cuz you know, 2020 and all.”

OK, let’s slow down for a second. Just to calm your nerves: as E! points out, the CDC and public health experts have not reported eye infections as a side effect of COVID-19 testing. So, like, please keep getting tested, please.

And, look, Duff turned out just fine. All she needed was some antibiotics to get that eye right and ready again.

Duff shared a bunch of joyous Christmas snaps too, including husband Matthew Koma playing Santa for their kids…

Even if the tots weren’t always feeling the holiday spirit.

It’s good that Duff is feeling better, and that her family survived the holiday season. Now all there’s left to do is take a load off.

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