Common, Tiffany Haddish Are Gushing Over Each Other

“She’s a really incredible human being.”

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And ever since the news broke, they’ve had nothing but sweet things to say about each other.

Like during her Steve-O interview, when the comedian said she loved Common: “This is hands down the best relationship I’ve ever been in. I’m just way happier and it’s like knowing I got somebody that cares about me, that really has my back.”

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Well, get ready to smile a little harder, because Common just opened up about their relationship, and things got really mushy, really fast.

“She’s a really incredible human being,” the 48-year-old artist said on The Karen Hunter Show. “The more I get to know her, I just see how dynamic she is as a person — how intelligent, how selfless she is.”

Common said he admires the way Tiffany stands up for Black women in Hollywood, mentioning that she’ll refuse to join a project if there are no Black people working on it. She also encourages him to utilize Black businesses whenever they can.

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“I think it takes that type of courage and mouthpiece and rawness to get the equanimity that we’ve been looking for – the equality that we talk about. Especially within – any area of life – but then the Hollywood structure, sometimes you have to shake them up and say ‘hey, y’all, this is what it has to be.’”

But Tiffany’s courage wasn’t the only thing that won Common over. He also fell for her heart: “She’s also fun. And ultimately, the one thing that I’ll say about anyone I’ve dated that you named, I like good-hearted people, and Tiffany has a good heart at the end of the day.”

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All I have to say is, “Lord, I’ve seen what you’ve done for others…” — just kidding, but not really. I’m just happy to see them happy.

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