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Books are little treasures. They can take you to faraway lands, introduce you to new people, make you fall in love, and teach you about history, science, music, adventure, and more. But what do you do when you read the final page, and it’s time to put the book back on the shelf? Do they pile up on your nightstand? Get shoved into the random nooks and crannies of your home? Or, are they meticulously organized on your bookshelf, turning them into beautiful pieces of art instead of just delightful tales of fiction and nonfiction?

Book organization is its own form of therapy. Whether you line them up alphabetically, sort them by color, by genre, or any other way, once you see them artfully arranged on your shelves, your heart will instantly feel more at peace. Check out some of these creatively organized bookshelves on Instagram, posted by self-proclaimed book-lovers just like you. Stack them up, take a picture, then share it on social media on the next #SundayShelfie.

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