Anne Hathaway Was Pregnant While Filming The Witches

“[Jack] is all over that performance.”

Anne Hathaway’s second son, Jack, has a great story to tell his friends when he gets older.

During a recent appearance on Live With Kelly and Ryan, Anne revealed she filmed The Witches while she was pregnant with her little bundle of joy.

“I have a beautiful almost-11-month-old boy, but I was pregnant when I made The Witches, so technically he’s all over that performance,” she gushed.

Even though Anne tried to keep her pregnancy a secret on-set, she still ran into some problems when she went in for her first fitting with famed costume designer Joanna Johnston.

“She goes, ‘I really want you to have a really tight waist.’ And I had just found out that I was pregnant and I was like, ‘Mmm, no. No, I don’t think so. No,'” Anne recalled.

“And she was like, ‘Well, why?’ And I was like, ‘Eh, you know, I just know myself.’ I’m scrambling for a reason,” she continued.

“And I’m like, ‘I just know myself and I know that I won’t be as free… if I’m constrained around my middle, so we just better make everything very loose,’” Anne said.

Even though Anne knew she was pregnant while filming The Witches, fans didn’t find out she was expecting until she shared a photo of her baby bump on Instagram.

“It’s not for a movie…⁣⁣ #2⁣,” she captioned the Instagram post in July 2019.

Apparently, Anne is really good at keeping a secret! And this makes us want to watch The Witches all the more!

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