Alicia Silverstone Quizzes Bebe Rexha on Clueless | Video

Alicia Silverstone will always be our real-life Cher Horowitz, but we might’ve found someone who knows Clueless better than she does — Bebe Rexha! The “Baby, I’m Jealous” singer recently sat down with Silverstone for Billboard‘s “Quizzed” segment to test her knowledge of the movie’s plaid-clad Beverly Hills blonde.

The clip starts out with Silverstone asking Rexha a series of “true or false” questions, which she aces with almost no hesitation. They move on to what should’ve been the harder questions, but it’s clear that Rexha’s got the 1995 film practically committed to memory. Eventually, the tables turn and Rexha puts Silverstone in the hot seat. There are some questions even she can’t answer! Watch the video above to see Silverstone try to stump Rexha in a nostalgic return to Clueless‘s best moments.

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